Anyone can contribute to a better future, and small changes, collectively, are the ones that can make the biggest difference.

About The Book

This e-book is not for everyone …

Many people would rather not know about what is done to the environment so that they can have the products they want at a price that they want to pay.

This e-book is for anyone who cares about the environment. The reasons for maintaining a natural environment are obvious to you, for which we are truly grateful. Change, however, begins with all of us. Every decision made begins as the choice of an individual. Only when enough individuals choose the same thing, does it become collective.

We, therefore, must be the ones to make the first move.

Who am I?
I owe you an introduction. I am Miha, and I am one of the founders of the Treecelet project.

We arean environmental enterprise that wants to plant one million trees. But HOW?

By selling bracelets.

For every bracelet sold, we finance tree planting projects all around the world. Our planting projects are funded exclusively through the sale of our products.

Besides financing tree planting projects with our tree planting partners, we put a lot of our work into running our project and raising awareness. We are, in some ways, hacking capitalism and social media in order to benefit the environment.

It will be hard, as we are fighting people who have a vested interest in environmental destruction, but we are doing well, and moving in the right direction. More than 15,000 people have already joined us, and we have financed way more than 200,000 trees planted in under 2 years, which is an incredible feat.

If you find the need to check out our work while reading this book, you will find the link to our website in the footer of every page. You can check up on us right NOW.

Don’t forget to support our work as well. This book was financed through the sales of our bracelets.

For every bracelet purchased you finance tree planting projects and educational content like this book.

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